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Dunluce School embraces diversity and is committed to supporting the learning needs of all students. Our Student Support and Success Program ensures that all students have equitable access to learning and opportunities to set goals and pursue different pathways to achieve goals. Through an inclusive and nurturing educational environment, students are encouraged to become independent, lifelong learners in a global society.

Useful Information

I'm being bullied who can help?
In Dunluce School we have agreed that Bullying is: "The misuse of power by one or more people intentionally and repeatedly to hurt, harm, threaten or intimidate another group or individual, either interpersonally or through the use of technology." If you feel that you have been the victim of any form of bullying, you can speak to any of these people: Teachers, Head of Year, Form Teacher, Support Assistants, Vice Principal, Principal, Parents or other Family, Friends, Carers or the School Counsellor. Alternatively, Childline are available 24hours a day on 08001111
A school counselling service where pupils can receive confidential support is an important element of the pastoral care provision in Dunluce. Pupils may ask to be referred by speaking to Mrs McIlveen or Mr Parker, or may self-refer by placing a note of their name and form class into the silver letter box in the library.
Pastoral Care
‘One of the undoubted strengths of the school is pastoral care. Dunluce is a safe and happy school where pupils can work hard to achieve their full potential.’ Our aim is to ensure that Dunluce is a happy school where all are respected, nurtured and valued. As a staff we are committed to promoting the full academic and personal development of each individual pupil. A Form Teacher is assigned to each YR8 class and remains with that same group of pupils throughout their 5 years at Dunluce. This allows the Form Teacher to establish a personal knowledge of the needs, interests and progress of each pupil. Year heads have specific responsibility for the pastoral care of the pupils in the school. Each Year Head is assigned to a group of pupils and provides pastoral support while monitoring behaviour and academic progress. High standards of behaviour are expected from all pupils. A positive rewards system is operated which encourages and celebrates positive behaviour and attendance. The school has a clear anti-bullying policy and ethos. Our pupils learn to work together in an environment based on mutual respect. Support is given to those pupils who are more vulnerable and need a quiet space at break and lunch times. We strive to ensure that all pupils feel valued and supported throughout their years at Dunluce. A first aider is available throughout the day to support any pupils who may be sick or in need of assistance. Prescribed medication can be administered through parental request. Mrs McIlveen is the school’s Safeguarding and Child Protection Designated Teacher and is assisted by Mr Dougherty, Mrs Muldoon and Mr Parker.
Support programmes
If you are experiencing difficulty with any of your subjects, please talk to either your Form Teacher, Year Tutor or the SENCo (JMcBride).

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