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Dunluce School embraces diversity and is committed to supporting the learning needs of all students. Our Student Support and Success Program ensures that all students have equitable access to learning and opportunities to set goals and pursue different pathways to achieve goals. Through an inclusive and nurturing educational environment, students are encouraged to become independent, lifelong learners in a global society.

Useful Information

I'm being bullied who can help?
Please talk to a member of staff as soon as possible. Your Form Teacher or Year Tutor should be able to support you with this issue. Test
A fully qualified counsellor attends the college every week. If you would like to speak to her, complete a form (available at the office) and place it in the box by the office. Alternatively speak to Mrs Aitken or your Year Head. Test
Health and well Being
If you are concerned about your health, please talk to your Form Teacher or Year Tutor who will be able to offer advice on the best action to take. Test
Currently offered as an evening adult class at various times during the year. Please check the Events page or contact the school office for details. Our vision is to have wellbeing/mindfulness classes for all eg Year 8’s Steps to Personal Growth Programme is highly successful. Test
Support programmes
If you are experiencing difficulty with any of your subjects, please talk to either your Form Teacher, Year Tutor or the SENCo (JMcBride).

Contact Details

We are here to help you with any queries you may have, please get in touch.

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