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Assessment Dates

(updated 14/05/21)

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Dunluce School Holidays

Holiday Term 3 Dates -  2020-2021

Why choose Us?

CCEA Qualifications - Centre Determined Grades

Information for parents regarding the CCEA qualifications and the process of Centre Determined grading for Summer 2021. Please download full document here.

Welcome to Dunluce School Bushmills

At the heart of the school’s ethos lies the premise that intelligence and ability are not fixed qualities and that pupils’ endeavour, supported by the expertise and high expectations of their teachers, can enable them to achieve that which they did not think possible.

We believe that each pupil, regardless of ability, is of equal value and deserves equal opportunity. 

We therefore strive to attain excellence in all our pupils and excellence in all that we do.

Philip Smyth (Principal)